COVID-19 Resources & Services
At Tap To Treat, the COVID-19 pandemic has made us mindful that our people, process and virtual platform are uniquely equipped to serve the needs of employers and employees in these challenging times.  If you are new to Tap To Treat and would like to inquire about any of the services below, please call 865.888.7890 ext. 222. Chances are that our fully staffed medical team can be of service to you in one or more of the following ways:


Occupational Telemedicine – As ever, Tap To Treat providers are ready now to evaluate, treat and manage your work related injuries on site or at the patient’s home using our telemedicine platform.  Tap To Treat keeps you out of clinics and emergency departments – saved from unnecessary exposure to COVID-19 and very long wait times. Current clients, please use your current contact protocol to reach us


COVID-19 Evaluation – Tap To Treat is here to evaluate Coronavirus type symptoms that onset while an employee is at work and provide CDC based guidance on self-quarantine, testing and treatment recommendations. Current clients, please call us at 865.888.7890 ext. 222 to gain access to this program.


Urgent Care Services – As emergency departments, clinics and primary/urgent care telemedicine providers are stretched beyond capacity with long wait times and physical sites are high risk areas to contract COVID-19 and other illnesses, we are now able to serve many urgent medical needs.  Tap To Treat will collect a flat fee payable at the time of service by a credit card or debit card. Current clients, your employees can access this program by going to and clicking on the “Urgent Care” button.


Short-Term Disability Paperwork & Return to Work Evaluations – How do you know when someone is able to safely re-enter the workplace after contracting the Coronavirus?  How are your employees accessing STD benefits when they’re quarantined at home and do not meet guidelines to see a healthcare provider?  Tap To Treat can evaluate your employee, complete STD paperwork and provide return to work guidance that keeps your workplace safe. Current clients, please call us at 865.888.7890 ext. 222 to gain access to this program.


Occupational Surveillance – As many conventional clinics are limiting access due to Coronavirus concerns, Tap To Treat can fill the gaps by offering occupational evaluations and testing from pre-placement screens to periodic medical surveillance via our telemedicine platform.  For a full list of surveillance services, click here.  Current clients, please call us at 865.888.7890 ext. 222 to gain access to this program.


Clean Workplace Audits   How do companies know best practice in creating “clean” workplaces and keeping them that way?  Utilizing Center for Disease Control guidelines, Tap To Treat can assist companies in creating safe spaces that keep employees healthy and operations running smoothly. 


Tap To Treat can wrap its services around the needs, policies and goals of employers – tailor made for your company and its most valuable resource:  your people. Let us know how we can help!