Benefits of Tap To Treat Drug Testing

  • Fast and seamless integration with Tap To Treat medical provider services. We provide all the incident management services you need at one time on our platform.
  • Service is available 24/7/365.
  • Results are known for the point-of-collection test in about 15 minutes.
  • Confirmation testing (if needed and chosen by the employer) can proceed directly from the saliva specimen given during the point-of-collection test with the Tap To Treat provider guiding the process.
  • Employees have no transportation issues or waiting room time and unpleasantness to deal with.
  • Tap To Treat provides Medical Review Officer services for confirmation test results if employer choses confirmation testing services.
How the Process Works
  • Employer orders test kits from Tap To Treat. This is currently the only saliva test that is FDA clearanced. The prepaid kits include the cost of the testing device and Tap To Treat certified test providers administering the point-of- collection test on our video platform – whenever needed. Prepaid kits are $59 each, or $49 each when ordered in quantities of 25 or more.
  • In our experience, the point-of-collection testing yields a “negative” result in 90+% of cases for typical donor populations.
  • In cases of “presumptive positive” or “invalid” results, employers may choose Tap To Treat services for the confirmation testing process.
  • If employers choose this option, Tap To Treat certified test providers will guide the process, utilizing the forms, mailing bags, etc. that employers have ordered from TTT and have on hand prior to testing.
  • TTT serves as Medical Review Officer for the confirmation results.
  • Confirmation testing services are an additional $159 all inclusive: mailing fees, lab fees and the Medical Review Officer reimbursement.