Tap to Treat Work Flow Process

  • Employee incident/injury occurs
  • Employee reports incident to employer per protocol
  • Employee is directed to telemedicine facilitator at site
  • Facilitator contacts Tap to Treat nurse and advises incident has occurred
  • Facilitator connects employee to tap to treat on site device via app
  • – Clicks app icon
    – Clicks on agreement to terms of use/consents to treatment

  • Employee placed in virtual waiting room where meets nurse
  • RN performs triage (performs initial evaluation) – determines appropriate path forward:
    – Emergency (EMS is activated)
    – Urgent (Tap to Treat advanced practitioner and/or physician is involved—when medically appropriate and accepted by employee vs conventional clinic referral–when not)
    – Non-urgent (first aid and/or precautionary only—care typically administered by nurse)
Virtual Evaluation Can Include:
  • Comprehensive history – present injury/illness, past medical history, allergies, medication list, any information past/present relevant to current complaint, etc.
  • Comprehensive virtual exam – vital signs, general appearance, pain level, mental status, neurovascular status, etc.
  • Specific virtual exam of affected body part– detailed exam focused on area of injury including point tenderness, swelling, bruising, knots, range of motion, deformities, gait, balance, etc.
  • Mobile x-ray exams if needed
  • Diagnosis made and treatment regimen, including return to work guidelines, recommended
  • Tap to Treat virtually follows patient through treatment to recovery and release from care
  • Strategic partnerships with local diagnostic centers, physical therapy and specialists when the injury requires their services
Paperwork interactively done within the app with employee and nurse:
  • Electronic medical record
  • State forms
  • Worker’s compensation questionnaire—employee states in their own words what happened
  • Worker’s compensation injury instruction sheet
  • Return to work form
Single point of contact injury –> release from care:
  • Same nurse stays with employee and employer throughout entire process
  • Tap to Treat can be authorized treating physician – if accepted by employee and medically appropriate
  • Case management with any providers includes:
    – Contact with provider ahead of employee visit
    – Arrange follow-up/management of care after visit
    – Communication with employer