Our Services Include

24/7/365 immediate virtual video visit with RN, APN, or MD with a custom-designed occupational telemedicine platform anywhere there’s an internet connection.

Virtual evaluation, treatment and management of injuries or illness when appropriate – which can include:

  • Ordering proper diagnostic testing
  • Appropriate medication (typically OTC)
  • Referral for simple massage for minor musculoskeletal injuries
  • On-going employee treatment and management with RN, APN, and/or MD from the time the injury occurs through medical recovery and release from care.
  • Referral to ED, Occupational Health Clinic and/or specialist only when virtual medical care is not appropriate.
  • Regular communication to employers to provide updates and address concerns
  • Training in the Tap To Treat process for all employers/employees
  • Communication/coordination with other providers when referrals are medically necessary
  • Development of site-specific protocols with employer
  • State WC and employer forms completion
  • Proven and efficient occupational medicine treatment protocols
  • Consultation regarding WC management including compensability and OSHA recordability
  • US-based providers that understand the Worker’s Compensation process and the nuances required by each state.
  • On-site device (type of device to be specified after consultation with employer)
  • RTW guidance based on an aggressive RTW policy helps avoid lost time
  • Simple Massage or Physical Therapy for musculoskeletal injury as appropriate